Venue Hire

Our Hall is normally rented out for a minimum time of 3 hours at a cost of $50 per hour. This price will actually cover you for half a day. Our maximum per day is $300.00 and allows you all time during day and night around existing booked class times.

Availability and Times



Setting and Cleaning up

You are allowed 15 minutes of set up time and 15 minutes clean up time. While you will not be charged for these times, we require all guests to vacate the venue by 8.00pm.


We are happy to advertise your workshop on our blackboard and have your flyers available for our community. We will also share your marketing on our Facebook page.

For availability of required dates for your event and further information, please feel welcome to contact us directly via phone or through the hall booking form below. We will respond to you at the soonest.

    Additional Information

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