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Ours is a flowing sequential style of Hatha Yoga. We build the sequences gently and this allows students to stop and rest when they need to and allows others to continue till, they reach their ‘edge’…the point where they are working to their capacity but not going past a secure and comfortable level.

Yoga is a profound ancient discipline, a Health Science that is still in practice after thousands of years because IT WORKS!

It begins with placing your body in a myriad of different geometric shapes and consciously relaxing, breathing and stretching into these shapes. It is the union of the body, breath and mind working together, ensuring not only very powerful healing but also access to the most powerful tools of self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

It brings the union of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Health and Well-Being. It is a gift from antiquity to all of mankind.

There is no such thing as too old!

At Yoga, you learn how NOT to let an old person move into your body or a sick person or even a tired person!

Our youngest students have started with their mums in Pregnancy Yoga whilst still in- utero, they were receiving the benefits of their mums practice. Youngest baby to Mums and Bubs Yoga has been two weeks old and the oldest student was 90 and a few regular beloved students well into their eighties. Any age is perfect and the sooner the better!

Just Start!

Students become younger in front of our eyes. Stiffness and rigidity softens, suppleness returns and the face becomes more gentle and peaceful. Let’s not forget about the smiles getting wider and wider!

Always speak to your doctor first and when you arrive to class, fill in your registration card and ensure that you highlight to your instructor any medical conditions. Yoga is holistic which means that it works the entire body, however, on occasion different postures and breaths can be particularly helpful to alleviate different disorders. There are also some contra-indications that may apply to different conditions. There is always yoga that can be of assistance no matter what the medical situation.

Peace Yoga is a sanctuary, and you will notice an immediate difference after your first session and even though one regular session per week is enormously beneficial, you will notice that if you do two sessions your progress is much more rapid.

Every extra session per week has a multiplying effect so two is like three, three is like five..etc. Some students come almost every day.

Absolutely, although Yoga works much more than just the muscular body, you will increase your strength, flexibility, and overall health. As the sequences build within your practice, you will find your stamina increasing and your ability to continue with the more challenging work. We offer some flowing postures to activate the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, but each session still engenders the Yogic elements of Peace and Stillness. It elevates the consciousness as well as the heart rate!

Yes, our Monday 10.00 am a very gentle class and suitable for everyone but particularly beginners. All our other classes are multi-level general classes and great care is taken by the instructors to ensure that the work is appropriate to all students. Resting asanas are recommended at different stages during the sequences and use of the wall etc when more advanced students work from the middle of the room without the use of the wall etc.

You will always be made feel very welcome, safe, and secure.

We don’t compare ourselves to other Yoga Schools as we feel the world needs as much Yoga as possible!

We teach that comparison robs us of our joy. Yoga is a time to not worry what anyone else in the world is doing…especially the person next to you in the Yoga Hall.

We offer our students a non-judgemental, non–competitive, safe, and caring environment in which positive thinking, talking and action are encouraged. We aim to assist in adding quality, health, and happiness to the lifestyles of all students. We find that the atmosphere is very warm and loving and the sense of community, strong and supportive.

Night classes are done by candlelight and lamplight and all classes are accompanied by glorious music, candles, flowers, the chime of the singing bowl, tingshaw, and the scent of delicate incense.

Reiki is offered by the teachers to students as they relax before or after class. All teachers are Reiki/ Seichim Masters at Peace Yoga

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Private Tuition- Yoga Therapy

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Peace Healing Centre Hire

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Yes we do hire our centre out to specially organised events.

All Peace Yoga Teachers are level 2 teachers and beyond. They are all insured.
They all live and breathe yoga and are highly qualified, highly read and continue to study as life practice. They practice Dina Charya.,’Yogic Daily Regime’ and are living examples of Loving Kindness. They are all also Reiki and Seichim Masters.

It’s a great idea to book online via www.peacemojo.com but we will always find space for you if you forget to book. Just come along and you will be warmly welcomed.

Yes, just make the teacher aware of your pregnancy and they will look after you very well. We offer all the special pregnancy breaths and postures whenever a pregnant mum attends any session. They are also wonderful for anxiety and insomnia, hypertension.

Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.

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