Yoga Teaching

Looking for the next step in your life with yoga? Our Peace Yoga teacher course has been designed to equip you with a scientific understanding of yoga. To further enhance deep learning, we will cover the spiritual elements of yoga. We offer both in-person and the opportunity to learn by correspondence.


Reiki with its origin in Japan means life force energy. As its name suggests, reiki is an energy healing technique where a reiki trained master would use gentle hand movements above a client’s clothed body to help guide a healthy flow of energy. 

Tantra Rejuvenation

You are warmly invited to join us to experience the Tantra Rejuvenation Program. Tantra is the science of expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy-whereby individual limitations are transcended and higher realities are experienced. Learn and experience a simple program of movement, breathing and meditation from an ancient system of rejuvenation. 

Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.

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