Meditation is the highest daily activity known for mankind. Nothing will help you heal or feel happier than meditation. Nothing will help you achieve your life’s goals more quickly than meditation.

Doreena will teach you time honoured techniques to assist you reach a meditative state.

When you learn these techniques, you will find your own meditation practice becomes available to you to help you navigate life’s journey. You will no longer need a teacher and you will be capable of accessing that quiet place of peace and stillness, wherever and whenever you wish.

This session is available as a private session with Doreena @ $90 for 60minutes.bookings essential and recommended times are Mondays, Thursdays @ 11.45am or Saturdays @ 11.15 am.

You are welcome to join Greg for guided , channeled Meditation on


11.45am till 12.45pm


9.00am till 10.00 am


9.00am till 10.00 am

Greg is a Master Meditation Teacher who will take you to a very peaceful , positive and uplifting place where you will glimpse your true potential and possibly find those elusive answers to your deepest questions.

Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.

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