Gentle Class

“I learnt in my training in the early 90s that more people passed away from heart attack at 9.00 am Monday morning all over the world , than the rest of the week put together. This was from a Yoga theory text written by a medical doctor who had learnt how greatly our human emotions affect the health of our physical body.” – Doreena

‘Mondayitis‘ and the stress that it brings is dangerous for the health!

Modern work schedules have altered but Peace Yoga continues to respect these findings and therefore we offer a way to wake up to the new week with a feeling joy and peace. It is so comforting to know that coming to Monday class , there will be nothing difficult you have to do and it will feel like you are going to have a massage , but then giving it to your own self.

*You will complete the class feeling completely rested, relaxed, rejuvenated and restored and ready for your week!


Monday Morning at 10 am.

Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.

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