General Yoga

There are a myriad of Yoga Poses, which means there is a perfect Yoga Practice for every individual body. It does not mean that every individual body needs to practice each and every one of those myriad of sacred shapes we call ‘ Asanas’.

Every day is different and our bio-rhythms change. Everything we experience affects the physical body and what feels ‘right’ at any time you Practice.

You are encouraged to go within, connect with your own inner Self and work safely to your own level . In the class you will be offered opportunities to rest , or to modify, or to build to more challenging Asanas.

You are always reminded that Yoga is not a competition and also that comparison robs you of your joy. It is important you enjoy your practice or you won’t do it and it is meant to be a gift for your lifetime.

It builds joy when we build our practice .

Postures we once found challenging become more and more achievable with our repitition which comes from finding our discipline and coming to class.

Discipline also leads us to happiness.

We build our strength , stamina and flexibility, – ‘pade pade’ . Slowly slowly, step by step and aim to improve 1% each session. That means even if you only come once per week, you will be 50 % stronger , 50% more flexible and 50%more stamina this time next year ! We all need to be strong but flexible in body and in mind.

We hope you come soon.

*Each class begins with mindfulness practice and deep relaxation. We then will enjoy special breathing procedures which will help to engage the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System. Helpful chemicals like Dopamine , Serotonin, Oxytocin will be encouraged to make you feel happier, more peaceful and inspired.

The postures , poses, stretches will ease the tensions out of your musculature, leaving you feeling light and carefree.
You will learn how to ‘ befriend’ your breath and follow your breath deeper into your body as you stretch. This becomes the Union of your body, your breath and your mind working together which is Yoga.

Your blood oxygen levels will be increased and therefore every organ and tissue in your body will feel and enjoy the benefits . This is the opposite of letting your body age.

Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.

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