Core Yoga

Why Core Yoga?

Build up Your Core as well as Your Physical and Emotional Strength

  • Enhances ability to control body position / posture more
  • Improve back posture and alignment
  • Can help generate greater power though the body
  • upport rotational movements through the spine

From an anatomy perspective, the word ‘core’ usually is associated with the abdominals but strengthening the deep core muscles is only one part of what this form of yoga entails. Yoga is not just about enhancing functional movements. The yoga tradition seeks to improve physiological and emotional digestion. Therefore, focusing on the outer aesthetics alone without giving due attention to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the soul can cause immobility in these areas.

Our core yoga poses have been designed to help you build up your core as well as your physical and emotional strength so that you can find that stronger sense of self.  The poses consist of a combination of yoga, ballet and tai chi with the goal to alleviate back pain , strengthen and tone the body and build stamina.

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