Find Your Peace

We all need a little space to grow.

Find Your Peace

We all need a little space to grow.

Transform Your Mind
Body and Health

Yoga is a way of life, rather than a routine.

We lovingly guide you through a well balanced session integrating relaxation, meditation, pranayama and Asanas.


Jun 1
Yoga class for Wednesday 5PM has been changed to Meditation
May 1
You can now hire our Yoga Hall for venue hire. Call us to enquire further.

Relax, unwind and breathe

You are welcome to Peace Yoga, overlooking parkland in Burleigh Heads. Relax, unwind, stretch and breathe as you listen to the birds and enjoy cool sea breezes during the day or practice by soothing lamplight and candlelight during the evening classes.

We cater for the newest beginner to the more advanced students. All are Welcome.

Calm your mind, body and soul.

Meditation takes practice and in time to come, you will be surprised at the amazing benefits on your body, mind, and soul.

Our meditation classes revolve around mindful breath work. As we deeply inhale and exhale, we begin noticing the thoughts which may surface.

We do not judge them. Instead, we acknowledge and allow them to pass.

Visit a sanctuary, in the heart of the busy Gold Coast. A perfect place for healing

We are a local yoga and meditation house based in Burleigh Heads.

It is our mission to deliver a safe, effective, and authentic yoga and wellness experience for our local community, and visitors to the Gold Coast.

We work alongside high quality, natural healthcare modalities, including chiropractic, and massage, in a professional and collaborative way, for the benefit of our community/cliente.

Peace Yoga is accredited by Yoga Australia.

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Want to learn more about how yoga and meditation can transform your wellness?

We are proudly a family practice and provide a professional approach in a safe and comfortable environment.