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Yoga and Meditation Classes

Reiki Classes

Learn how to heal yourself and others, from Level 1 to Master Level when you can teach others.

Includes Seichim Healing Level 1 and Master Level.

Partners Yoga

Uniting in posture with a friend, lover or someone new, deepens your understanding of yoga and of others.

Yoga is a form of bonding with the self and the world.

Brain Yoga

This session is wonderful for all of us as it is extremely efficient at encouraging circulation to the brain.

It is simple and fun and available to everyone, no matter what level of fitness.

Yoga Pregnancy and Postnatal Classes

Your baby is sharing your world, share the gift of Yoga, where you will both discover the Peace and Stillness within yourself… Your baby will too! Gentle loving time for mother and child to share! Joyful, and sacred shared experience… light and fun!

Baby Massage and Yoga

Peace Yoga offers a specialty pregnancy and post-natal class where your baby is also welcome. Begin with Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

Private Tuition

Peace Yoga and Meditation Centre offer private tuition for those who prefer or require one-on-one tuition.


Kids Yoga

No longer available but we can organise special one off classes or events. Please ring for further information.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Find out more about the Peace Yoga Reiki and Seichim Healing Classes at Peace Yoga.

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Teach Yoga

Peace Yoga Weekend Workshops

India Adventure - Click Here for More Information

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