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Partners Yoga

Uniting in posture with a friend, lover or someone new, deepens your understanding of yoga and of others.

Partners YogaYoga is a form of bonding with the self and the world.

yoga with a partner…. Breathing together…

guiding and supporting each other is a creative and playful journey that connects us to each other in the present moment….

practicing together encourages motivation and is an inspiring and interesting way to encourage health and well-being to flourish in your life.

yoga means union and allows your shared practice to remind you that you reside in a shared world…

when we work together in a shared and light-hearted space, feelings of seperateness are replaced by a sense of belonging.

as we learn about each others differences, we discover our inherant similarities.

just as your regular yoga practice enriches your sense of physical well-being and mental and emotional health, partner yoga enhances your awareness of and sensitivity to others.and brings new depths to relationships.

so be aware of yourself and each other,

Be present throughout…

be in your asana with the thoughts of your higher self… the divine….

Link your minds intention with your bodys movements and your breath…

coordinating with a partner adds another dimension…

develop your breath, concentration, balance and focus.

there may be times when you feel frustrated or restricted by either your own or your partners physical limitations… overcome this and the need to strive, push or compete… enjoy instead the space of sharing…

use your partner practice as a tool to overcome limiting lifestyle patterns, beliefs and fears that may inhibit your closeness with others and the ability to live the life you want…

revere each others higher self and encourage each other to live life to its full potential.

feel your intuition and understanding growing as you assist your partner with your support and guidance.

your touch can heal…

Partner yoga will be available on our annual retreat and is also available as a private session or as a group session.


Private sessions: $80 per hour for two people

Group session cost dependent on numbers.

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