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Peace Yoga offers Yoga classes
6 mornings, 3 afternoons and 5 evenings per week.

YOU are most welcome to join Doreena, Brian, Karalee, Ivega and Seema at these  sessions.

There is no need to book unless it is a specialty class, otherwise just come along. We have mats you are welcome to borrow, (you may wish to bring a towel), and also mats for sale at below retail prices. Our evening classes are held by candlelight and lamp light. We undertake to offer a suitable class for every person, no matter what their physical situation as we feel that Yoga is a gift to be shared and the birthright of all people. It brings joy and a well-being and it is our honour to be involved in your Yoga Journey. At Peace Yoga it is important to us that no person leaves our Yoga Hall feeling less than when they entered or less than another person. It is our priority to be instrumental in reminding all of their own self worth, thereby reducing stress by increasing self-esteem and self empowerment. These feelings in turn lead to Compassion for self and others. It’s all good! You will be warmly welcomed at any of the Peace Yoga classes where you may feel confident that there is a session especially suited to you. You never knew you could feel so good!!!

Doreen Scales

“May the longtime sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you, Guide your way on ….”

Doreen Scales (Amrita)


  • Senior Yoga Instructor. YTAA
  • Reiki Master
  • Seichim Master
  • Registered Marriage Celebrant


My Yoga Journey began at 14 years of age when I attended my first classes with my mother and then became more serious at the age of nineteen when we again did Yoga together delighting in the discovery of the gift and magic of this glorious Science.

I am eternally grateful for my beautiful teachings from many masters and for my teaching qualifications through The Meditation Institute Teacher Training Acadamy from where I achieved my first level in 1996. I subsequently studied 2nd level in 1997 and 3rd Level teachers degree in 1998 and have not stopped studying ever since.

I have been extremely fortunate to visit India on 7 occassions and to receive tuition from many wonderful teachers. In 2005 I was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Master Paramahansa Prajnananda and more recently bestowed the name “Amrita” by Raman Das.

My classes were originally in Daisy Hill. I moved to the Gold Coast in 1999, Peace Yoga finding its home originally in the Miami Surf Club now having grown into the studio at Burleigh Heads.

Our classes cater for all and our studio is a sanctuary of Peace and Wellness for all who enter…you will always feel welcome.

It is like coming home to your very own Peaceful Place.

You never knew you could feel so good…

All Love and Blessings,

Doreen. (Amrita).

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Brian Meditating

“I first started doing Yoga as a young hippy surfer in the early 1970s after a close friend returned from retreat in India.”

Brian Miller

(better known as ‘Vege’ in the building industry)

  • Level 1 Yoga Teacher 2003
  • Level 2 Yoga Teacher 2004
  • Reiki Master
  • Seichim Master

Born 20/12/48 in a big hurry to get on with life, popped out 4 weeks early weighing 4lb 4 ozs. I first started doing Yoga as a young hippy surfer in the early 1970s after a close friend returned from retreat in India The Yoga Discipline wore off with a wife, kids, a mortgage, drugs and alcohol. At age 50, after 25 years bricklaying and alcoholic body abuse, I was a physical wreck, a major life change was imperative.Back to Yoga! …where I was lucky enough to find a such a wonderful, caring teacher as Doreen, who turned my life around.  After a couple of years of hard work and during Retreat at Springbrook Mountain, I was gently reminded that I was capable of becoming whatever I dreamt I could be…and that nothing was impossible for me and would I like to be a Yoga Teacher?? Lots of study and. Lots of writing?? Yes Please..sure would!!

I now teach Wednesday and Thursday Nights and Saturday and Sunday Mornings at Peace Yoga. Blessed with green thumbs, I love Gardening, the Ocean, Mountains, all Mother Natures Beauty. We give the local frog population a boost each summer by caring for 1000s of tadpoles. Any spare time is spent whittling walking sticks from driftwood (Dandas).

In October 2005, I was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Master Paramahansa Prajnananda and we meditate on Sunday afternoons at our home with other Kriya Initiates. I have a wonderful wife and 5 great kids, lots of beautiful students and a supportive Yoga Family. Every moment of time is a joyous adventure.

All Blessings, Love and Peace,


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"I began studying to teach Hatha yoga from 18 years of age, and always knew it would be my life long passion". 

Brittany Scales Level 2 Yoga Teacher

I have grown up with Yoga from as young as I can remember. For years I have witnessed Yoga change, nourish and help people’s lives. I began studying to teach Hatha yoga from 18 years of age, and always knew it would be my life long passion. The philosophy of Yoga has enriched my young years and now my early adulthood. It has brought a great sense of fulfilment and honour to be able to help those who have attended my classes. I specialise in Dynamic and Tantric Yoga as well as Core Strength classes. 

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Iveta Rackova

My Yoga Journey has become 5 years ago by walking in to Peace yoga centre, to search strength as surfer I got advice yoga, to build a strength and balance. But I find much more than that I find reunion with in my body, my own self and nature. I find strength not only by the muscle side but the strength in my heart the ability to believe in myself, and others. After my very first class I was amazed, my mind was so clear and body energised bit confused as well as I have no idea what all those strange words the teacher was talking about mean. But I was hooked and wanted to know more. After a while of regular practice I knew this wont be just a time how to fill the emptiness so I took the teacher training under the guidance of Doreena Scale, and Yoga has become a part of my daily life. After two years experience with teaching, my desire for seeking more yoga experience took me to another teacher training but this time to Mysore India, the origin place of Ashtanga VinyayasaYoga. Where I truly found the path to all the answers and realise I will forever be a student of Yoga.  Come and join me to this powerful practice, let’s us all learn from each other.

Love & smile Namaste Iveta   

Seema Berwal  


     Yoga Teacher Seema Berwal

           My name is Seema Berwal. I guide people through their practice of yoga to share the true benefit of this ancient wisdom of living. My style of teaching is Aadi Yoga. Aadi means since the beginning of the time and eternal. Aadi Yoga encompasses all the styles of yoga including Bhakti Yoga, Gyana Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha yoga.

          After years of personal practice of yoga I have learned that "All you need to learn can be learned from your own soul".

       I’m committed to bringing Aadi yoga to you and to help you understand the techniques of posture, breathing, Kriya, Bandhas and mudras.  My classes will leave you feeling strong, balanced and open to deep growth and release. You will connect to your inner consciousness and the God within. This is when “Yoga” happens.

“Yoga” means “Union”

Union of



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